Do not underestimate Problems On Your Teeth

From various studies have shown that people are paying less attention or maintaining oral health can result in or cause a variety of serious diseases. Gigi is one very important part of the human body if your dental problems (a toothache) then you will have trouble speaking, eating and cause your day interrupted. If you feel there is a problem in your teeth, please visit

If you neglect your teeth and mouth, then it will become a hotbed of bacteria in the mouth that can cause tooth decay. Tooth decay begins with the process of caries and inflammation that starts from the remains of food left so that over time will decay where germs in the oral cavity transform the left food into acid. Another effect is it also contained Streptococcus mutants, a bacteria that cause tooth decay, the bacteria can cause infection of the gum tissue so it can reach inside the bloodstream which may cause inflammation in other body parts, such as the joints, kidneys, headache prolonged and other organs.